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GasTech GmbH

Doncaster-Platz 5
45699 Herten

Telephone +49 (0)212 88 09 90
Telefax      +49 (0)212 88 09 99

Reliable product choice

The number of different characterized gases is large and that of gas mixtures endless. The medium determines housing and seal material characteristics and hence the service life of fixtures, fittings and valves. Auxiliary systems such as e.g. flushing and warming equipment can decisively influence your use. Which gas supply system or pressure reducer at what price is right for you is something that can often only be decided by experts.

GasTech has the know-how and is happy to help:

  • Choose the right regulator/s, fixtures, fittings and valves for your process
  • Choose filling equipment used in industrial production of goods containing gas
  • Equip laboratories
  • Equip production facilities
  • Choose analysis technology gas supply equipment, e.g. for gas chromatography
  • Choose the right accessories

GasTech relies on close cooperation with clients and helps from the beginning to save valuable development time and cost, especially in developing and equipping new plant. We support the use of technical processes in integrated development and supply tailored products where needed.

Don't hesitate to ask for detailed information.